Tax Compliance Toolkit

 The Tax Compliance Toolkit(TCT) equips your financial institution with all the tools you need to comply with your obligations and demonstrate internal controls. The TCT provides tools to financial institutions to enable them to comply efficiently with international tax regulations including U.S. FATCA, U.S. QI regime, CRS and TRACE. 

At the centre of the Tax Compliance Toolkit is the Investor Self-declaration (ISD) tool. The ISD tool allows for an all-in-one electronic submission of all W-8 forms, W-9’s, as well as self-certifications under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). 

The solution automates the solicitation and validation of Forms W-8, W-9 and CRS Self-certifications. It follows a combined approach, allowing the clients of financial institutions to complete a single form which will comply with the requirements under IRC Chapter 3, IRC Chapter 4 and CRS. The tool offers a validation tool against KYC information, as well as other validation checks 

Tax Compliance Toolkit